We all want to have a flat, toned abdomen, that is why we must take a healthy diet, drink plenty of water during the day, and perform some exercise routine at least three times a week, so that in addition to burning fat, we also tonify this area with is so problematic for many.
Besides this, it is important that we clean our body, since many times the inflammation of the abdomen is due to the accumulation of toxins and  liquids; and for this there are the smoothies, in addition to helping us to clean the colon and body, also nourish us, and they make us lose weight healthily.

And What does it bring?

Each package includes 6 bags of fruit peeled, chopped and frozen of several add-ons like,
Chia, quinoa, oats, linseed, collagen, birdseed.
The content of each bag is for two glasses of 9 0z.


Drink enough water, between 7 and 8 glasses a day.
Add fiber to your diet to maintain your weight.
Eat healthy fats, such as soybean oil, avocado, nuts and salmon.
Consume quality proteins, these are found in turkey, chicken, fish, soy, nuts and seeds.
Do daily exercise for a least half and hour and complement your routine walking.
Sleep between 7 and 9 hours a day.