We already know all of us who are modern mothers, that giving fruits and vegetables to our children is challenge, it is necessary to make them understand their properties and benefits, such as the energy to play, walk, exercise, the water they need every day and it helps to have a good digestion.
It helps them to concentrate better and learn more, that’s why the more we consume them, the better we feel.

And What does it bring?

Each package includes 6 bags of fruits, vegetables peeled, chopped and frozen, accompanied by various adds-on such as;
Chia, quinoa, flaxseed, collagen, birdseed .
The contents of each bag make 2 glasses of 9 oz


Drink enough water between 7 and 8 glasses  a day.
Add fiber to your diet to mantain your weight .
Eat healthy fats such as soybean oil, avocado, walnuts and salmon.
Consume quality proteins found in turkey, chicken, fish, soy, nuts and seeds.
Do daily exercise for a least half an hour and complement your walking routine.
Sleep between 7 and 9 hours a day.